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Patligram Agro Industries Private Limited

Patligram Agro industries Pvt. Ltd. is having niche in Rice market for producing finest sortex cleaned parboiled & Steam rice. We have our presence in domestic market through our Mahashakti, Gol Ghar, Gold, Super, Silver Brand Rice. Our strength is delivering high quality rice and superior customer services. We ensure that our Rice is aged to satisfaction and yield best cooking and aroma.It has equipped itself with powerful strategies to face any challenge in the future. Our vast network helps the company to acquire superior standards in the global market.

There is a huge demand for parboiled & Steam rice in the Country and this will be a major driving force behind the company’s exports in the coming year. We endeavors to strengthen its relationship with everyone associated with the company. It has equipped itself with powerful strategies to face any challenge in the future.

It is fully equipped to capitalize on the growing demand of Parboiled and steam rice. The company has wide distribution network, linkage with reputed institutions for Research and Development, quality assurance and very good rapport among the farmers.

We are offering a superior range of Rice to our consumer across various domestic markets in India. We are committed to meet the demand of our consumers especially with regards to small implements.

Rice is an excellent source of energy, especially energy-giving carbohydrates, which are used in the body for brain performance, physical activity, bodily functions and everyday growth and repair. After carbohydrate, protein is the second most abundant constituent of rice. When compared to that of other grains, rice protein is considered one of the highest quality proteins. Rice is low in fat and cholesterol free. An ideal commodity which is also the staple diet of over 70% of world’s population is widely consumed for its rich carbohydrates and essential vitamins.

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We have a network of authorized dealers all over Bihar and in few States of the Country. Relying on this network, we provide in detail information and contacts of the company. Aside a well-knit dealer network, here are a few other highlights that depicts our credibility in the market

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